Monday, April 27, 2015

Settlement issue in AX2012R3

After I done the data migration from AX2012FP to AX2012R3 customer realize that there are some issues in the settlements some of them are not appearing in the Settle Open Transactions and others are not not appearing either in the Settle Open Transactions or Closed Transaction Editing then i found the solve the issue after using the below SQL script and I found the transactions appearing in Settle Open Transactions then you can settle your transactions

SET              APPROVED = 1, SETTLEMENT = 0

Thursday, March 19, 2015

MS Dynamics GP2013 R2: Error the selected company is not configured of the current MS Dynamics GP System database

After restore a database from company A to company B open SQL management then under B database open SY00100 table then correct the CMPANYID and your company ID is located under DYNAMICS.db in SY01500 table.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Restore AX db Backup From Another Domain "Log in Failed to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012FP, R2 and R3"

1. Give the domain user access to the database(s), it should be the same user added in the service log in.
2. Open the command and type "wmic path win32_useraccount where name="{Domain user name Same user used in step 1}".
3. Open USERINFO table and add the result of SID from the first step, change the NETWORKDOMAIN and NETWORKALIAS for the "Admin" user only.